KChung / Panel Discussion

KChung / Panel Discussion

December 18, 2016
Performance Now hosts Carol Cheh and John Tain dedicate this episode to what they describe as a “year end group therapy session”. The conversation discusses art, activism and how to move forward. With myself, Akina Cox, Gelare Khoshgozaran and Megan Steinman. Hear the discussion on the KChung archives.

The Letting Go / Catalogue

The Letting Go / Catalogue


August 15, 2016
A full color, 104 page hardback catalogue from The Letting Go is now available from Klowden Mann.
The introduction is a conversation between myself and Deb Klowden Mann in the context of the exhibition, discussing in depth ideas of memory and place. All works from the latest exhibition are represented, as well as selected previous works.
A PDF download of the full catalogue is available here.